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roofing installation Roofing installation is a process wherein homeowners and contractors, both individually and with each other, may face plenty of difficulties. So when you are on the market for any of your roofing needs, it is a wholly smart and convenient idea to work with professionals who do excellent work with professional courtesy, all the while maintaining an affordable price.

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So you are in the process of doing the research that, frankly, is no picnic. Though roofing installation is serious business – it’s one of the most major dimensions to possibly your largest investment – it does not have to be a total hassle. In fact, we emphasize the positive facts behind your project. If you are calling us for a free estimate on your home, it means you’ve faced the facts and made an affirmative step in the right direction. From the get-go we make the project much easier. We have done this for several years and it is as second-nature to us as breathing. But we know this is probably new to you, so our professionalism cannot be beat in our communities. We will take a hard, honest look at your roof and tell you exactly what you need, nothing more and nothing less. You may imagine your entire roof is a wholly lost cause, when perhaps it is not.

Sometimes, however, you may not be prepared to accept that your dwelling needs total replacement in your roofing installation process. Sometimes it is much easier for everyone to start from scratch. But you can rest assure that for all projects, large or small, we make construction phases as easy on the homeowner as possible.

Here are just a few signs to look out for in considering roofing installation:
  • Attic leakage – those prone to attic leakage are climates that involve heavy rain and icy winter climates. Northern Georgia sees both.
  • Blistered paint – is a sign of inconsistent and moist weather conditions, indicating a compromised, non-weather-proofed roof.
  • Interior stains – be careful in this instance, it could mean mold! That could likely mean other areas of growth, which may easily cause health problems such as difficulty breathing to all in your home.
  • Exterior decay – it may be a sign of deprived attic ventilation and is an obvious warning that your home’s protective outer shell has been compromised. Have our experts check out your potential roofing installation potential.
  • Curling shingles – simply means it is time for new shingles. A roof is only as good as its weakest link, and you don’t want any weak links on your roof.
  • Worn or filthy areas – means the roof system is not flowing and allows for rot to occur.
  • Exorbitant utilities bill – your roof is a primary insulator. If it is not properly sealed, it will leak warm and cool air, skyrocketing energy costs.
install a roof We are the licensed, insured and certified roofing experts serving the beautiful communities of north Georgia who continue to build repeat business one special project at a time. We are the most trusted in roofing installation. The first step in simplifying your project is contacting us for a complimentary estimate. Once you decide to work with the seasoned professionals you can trust, your life becomes tremendously simplified. What we do best is work on your roof, and we want to get you the best deal.

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