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roofing companies Roofing companies are simply not all created equal. We feature good workers that have several years of experience in the industry. The unfortunate truth is that many companies are in business to get easy money, and fast too. But for us, the most effective way to run a good and solid business (we seek to be the best!) is to be honest, direct, proud and professional and always keep our clients’ interest at heart.

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Call it the old-fashioned way – we do not just assume the right to easily obtain the hard-earned money of northern Georgians. We are not just roofers; we are plugged-in to our communities. We have families, we have homes, and we know the value of a well-earned dollar. As far as roofing companies go, we are the foremost in our industry, and we want to make the most of your project.

Here are some points of proven credibility as we are leaders of roofing companies:
  • Haag-certified roof inspectors -
    Haag is the engineering organization our entire industry from which our entire industry seeks approval. With our certification, you may use our inspectors for insurance claims – that is how highly our trusted, professional experts are regarded.
  • Better business bureau member – an A+ member!
    Beware of any businesses that are hesitant or reluctant to proffer their qualifications. The better business bureau has kept those in business honest since 1912. With the level of trust required in doing contract work, we are proud members.
  • Owens Corning preferred contractor -
    Featuring the best materials in the industry.
  • Roofing and Sheet Metal Contractors Association of Georgia members
  • GAF/ELK certified – high standard for weather-proofing
The evidence just stacks up in our favor when it comes to being the best of roofing companies in Georgia. Staying with the theme of cost-efficiency, we specialize in saving you money while maintaining the highest of possible building standards. Unfortunately, too many have been conditioned to expect only the bare requirements from contractors. But herein we see opportunity, and that’s why we have become among the leading roofing companies. We are trained and licensed professionals with property insurance know-how, and that is just another aspect that we really understand what we are doing to the utmost competent level.

Lawrenceville roof company For example: hail damage – do you really know what is required to correct what has been damaged? Probably not, and the scary thing is many contractors are not fully certified to understand either. It is not very uncommon to see hail the size of baseballs in our part of the country. We can help you understand what is covered on your insurance as well. That is one more reason we are the leaders of roofing companies in Georgia. There are certain hallmarks hail leaves on your rooftop that we can pick out and repair with skilled proficiency.

Since 1995 we have been accelerating full-throttle to be the best roofers we can be. We like to emphasize basic good practices, and promote the health of your roof with ideas such as a clean and fully functioning ventilation system. A smooth and effective ventilation system greatly increases and extends the materials of your roof. Imagine those hot summer days; your attic can reach temperatures exceeding 170 degrees! That is why we’re big on ventilation, and that is just one dimension that we are constantly looking at for your home because we want our work on your home to last.

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We are the best in roofing companies in Covington, Stockbridge, Rex, GA and all surrounding areas.