Roof Replacement

roof replacement Roof replacement can be a tricky maze to navigate when you are shopping around for a new structure. What is the best way to do it? How much will it cost? Does a more expensive roof translate to a significantly higher property value? But most important of all, who can you trust with your home? For your family and your future, and possibly for your largest financial investment in your lifetime, you want the local roof professionals who are always on top of their game.

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The reason residents throughout Georgia go with us, above other contractors, is trust. Our years of experience remain unrivaled. We are the courteous, professional craftsmen that have garnered an exceeding rate of repeat business.

Our bona fides of roof replacement in Georgia:
  • Haag certified
    An engineering organization that is one of the oldest, most established forensic engineers that ensure the quality of construction work. For more than 85 years they have kept contractors honest and ensured quality work. This way you can be sure we are the right ones for roof replacement.
  • Owens Corning and GAF/Elk certified
    These are leading manufacturers for products who are highly selective in whom they promote partnerships with in the roofing arena.
  • Member of the Better Business Bureau
    We have all heard of it, and the bureau has been around since 1912 to make sure everyone is taking care of business correctly. You may want to reconsider doing any major business on anyone who is not a member.
We pride ourselves in the integrity of our business practices and the quality of our expert work. We will give you an honest analysis on your roof – whether you need some minor repairs, or the unfortunate scenario in which roof damage is very extensive and you need vast roof replacement on your home. Major repairs on your home have its benefits, however. Some residents believe the damage on their roof is not so bad, but often they do not know the extent of the damage. Even a seemingly insignificant couple of holes let in the elements: squirrels, rats, bugs, rain from heavy downpours, extreme heat and humidity – all of which potentially lead to devastating wood rot and dangerous may black mold. At this point, you are not only risking the safety of your home, but also the health of you, your pets and your family.

Let us be honest, even minor roof replacement is enough to induce plenty of loathing and anxiety, but we take all that hassle off of your hands so you can raise your family, go to work, or vacation and just live your life. Our professionalism, as well as our steadfast and detail-oriented work ethic – is what set us apart from other companies. When you leave your home for the day, you can trust our workers will leave your property in better shape than it was when they got there. It will be an efficient process that will see daily progress of the structure protecting your home. Your roof replacement experience will be pleasant and well worth the price and security.

Lawrenceville roof replacement We take the complete concept approach to servicing your home. We are always looking forward to troubleshoot any anticipated difficulties and solving them before they happen. We are in this as the real deal, and we give ourselves absolutely no room to have our customers question our dedication.

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