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roof repair Roof repair entails a major decision that results in the longevity of your home. When you choose to invest in this sort of repair, you are choosing to invest in your contractor. That is a choice you want to make with the utmost care and consideration. We have the reputation, professionalism, craftsmanship and affordability you have been trying to locate.

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If you suspect the primary structure protecting you and your family is being compromised, it is time to get the ball rolling and get a checkup on your roof. As with so many other aspects in life, such as those involving your car or your health, the longer you wait for roof repair, the more damage you will likely incur. The Georgian sun is an unforgiving challenge that our roofs withstand every day. Add to that summertime rain, hail, and the brisk winds and temperatures of winter, the wear and tear adds up year after year.

Some of what we do when we are in charge of your roof repair:
  • Our GRM plan continues to lead the way in our industry nationwide. It stands for Gutter and Roof Maintenance. We come to your roof on a semi-annual basis, clean your gutters and follow a 20-point system while thoroughly inspecting your roof. Because of how our trees react to seasonal changes, we recommend this be done during the spring and autumn. Our team of professionals head to your roof and check off, one by one, all the features of our list. We clear debris, use light caulking for minor repairs and fix loose nails. Our roof repair is second to none. We make sure your roof system is efficient and that it keeps everything flowing, so water and debris build up will not deteriorate your home.
  • With fireplace flashing and skylight maintenance, we clean and reseal any existing skylights and review the flashing of your fireplace. These features can be gateways for roofing issues, and this only helps to prevent leaks before they are on track to start.
  • Our tree pruning service helps curb roof repair perhaps more consistently more than any other service. Wild branches often infringe upon your roof, sometimes damaging shingles which can lead to costly repairs if left unchecked. Of course, they can be a magical play-land for squirrels, rats and other critters. And when rough weather arrives, where do you think they seek refuge? That’s right, the attic. We keep that from happening!
  • We also check out your home’s vent pipe boots – flashing that seals the PVC vent pipes jutting from your roof. A rubber seal keeps water from entering the pipe, which leads to inside your house. With constant exposure to extreme heat, rain and cold, the rubber weathers and loses its properties, and we are there to make sure all is well and, if need be, replace it.
repair a roof The bottom line is you do not want to mess around with procrastination when it comes to roof repair. We are the most reliable, trustworthy and advanced roof workers in the entire southeast. Our practices are industry-leading, our prices are affordable and we are licensed and certified many times over. Some of our services are complimentary, including free consultation. We are available anytime at your convenience to discuss care for your roof. We look forward to hearing from you.

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