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roof maintenance With roof maintenance, we find clients want two very basic and very reasonable qualities: thoroughness and honesty. It is our philosophy that successful business practices are no great mystery. We are the roofing experts that go beyond meeting your expectations; we seek to exceed everything you’ve come to expect in a company. We know you want a sturdy roof. We believe that if you are going to do something, you should do it right.

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We have penned an industry-leading system for maintaining roofs that we follow at each and every roof inspection. We call it our GRM plan: Gutter and Roof Maintenance. At least twice a year, optimally during spring and autumn due to the patterns we have observed with seasonal changes, we arrive at your home and inspect your roof. We clean your gutters and follow a 20-point program, ensuring that your topside structure is in optimal condition. When you have scheduled this service, we send out an entire team of professionals who go out on a ledge, brandishing harness and rope, to reach all and any of your roof’s key, hard-to-access areas.

Included in this service are repairs, such as light caulking and fixes on raised nail heads, on minor structural damage that may quickly and easily lead to major damage. If any point of your roof is not flush and free-flowing, that is like a tear in the seam of pants, which eventually yield to unraveling and holes. We don’t let that happen on any home that we regularly inspect. We have reviewed our competition and we can promise you that we have the best roof maintenance system, and we also give you top delivery on this system.

Why we consider our roof maintenance in Georgia the best:
  • Industry-leading 20-point program
  • Unprecedented service
  • Complimentary consultation
  • Utilize entire team of inspectors each visit
  • Ensure all is free flowing
One general and overall concept we always remember is moisture-proofing your home. The most fundamental function of any roof is to protect your home and family from the elements. It is a constant battle to make sure any of the possible tiny cracks and holes are completely sealed; we are ever vigilant while our roof maintenance checklist is in progress. We may not even need to assume a full-on leak is the problem; if water is allowed past your shingles, then that is the beginning of the leaking process. Once moisture breaches your roof and hits your attic, it is time to be concerned. Moisture in your home promotes wood rot, bugs and most disturbingly, black mold. Black mold, for example, spread like wildfire after major natural disasters, such as what was witnessed after Hurricane Katrina. After she blew through our country, hundreds upon hundreds of homeowners lost their homes due to damages incurred from moisture. Granted, your home is not flooded with water, but it does not need to be to feel the medically dangerous affects of black mold.

Atlanta roof maintenance We believe in our system. Many contractors do not follow a system or a set of rules and guidelines; they think they can wing it and successfully safeguard your roof, but they are wrong. They do not have a standard like we do. When roofers do not use a system for roof maintenance, it is like trying to wake up by yourself at a predetermined time without an alarm clock: you may get lucky and haphazardly awaken on time, but there is a good chance you will not. That’s not worth the risk and we know it’s not what homeowners pay for. We give you the absolute best checkups, bar none.

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