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roof inspections Roof inspections require a large measure of trust from homeowners to roof contractors. If you are in need of a checkup, you are either looking to buy a home, sell a home or you just want to make sure the home you are in is safe and secure. Our pledge of integrity demands that we are absolutely thorough throughout the process and 100 percent honest in reporting what we see. If you choose us, you go with the experts that are always a sure thing.

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Trust is a key component for any relationship, and that is what we are after in our professional and courteous approach to your roof inspections, a relationship. The first step in our process is an open and thorough dialogue about the entire life of a roof, such as its age, what kind of weather it has been through, when the last time it was looked at, how often maintenance has been done, and issues of this nature. Your roof has a story that we want to know about; it’s just part of the full-concept attitude we assume the moment you make the call to our offices.

When it comes to roof inspections, reputable and experienced experts are absolutely vital. You never want an incompetent worker on your home, but when you seeking a definitive answer on the condition of a roof, you need precise and accurate data. Tens of thousands of dollars are riding on the advice an inspector gives to a homeowner or potential homeowner, and you do not need an amateur to overlook major issues in any roof. You need to know when you are negotiating a price for a home exactly what kind of condition one of the most important structures is in.

Just some of our official qualifications as roof inspections experts:
  • Better Business Bureau member
  • Haag certified roof engineers
  • Certified with numerous other industry figureheads
Roof inspections are separate from home inspections. Not surprisingly, home inspections are more concerned with the overall quality of a roof and in most cases do not offer a very detailed report on the overhead structure. But we are experts who looks at your roof can tell you, for example, how many years a roof has left in its life on a home, and back it up with a list of reasons. We have the sharpest eye for detail in the communities we serve here in Georgia, and there is no reason why you need to go with any second-best or lesser contractor.

Atlanta roof inspection Here are just a few of the conditions we search for during one of our roof inspections: condition of material; any potential movement of material; the state of caps, drip edges and ridges; flashing around chimneys, roof pipes, vents, valleys and mounting of HVAC units; soundness of gutters, downspouts and drains. On top of that, we consider the type of roof it may be, whether it’s composition shingle, slate, wood shake, clay or concrete tile, tar or gravel, metal or steel, or synthetic. Then there’s the age of the roof to consider, different materials age better than others, and a roof’s pitch is also a factor. Finally, the number of layers a roof may have and previous roof repairs factor heavily in giving a full, expert and professional determination on the condition of a roof. We leave absolutely nothing to chance, and neither should you.

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