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roofing service A roofing service should mean exactly what the terminology says; it is a service for your roof. A contractor is not doing you a favor simply by doing one’s job, and as far as we are concerned, our professionals are not satisfied providing a merely sufficient job. What we seek to provide for your Georgia home is excellence in every sense.

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There is a reason why our professionals have been known for being the premier roofing service in Atlanta, GA and surrounding communities since 1995; it is because we never rest in providing clients the full-court press in all things roofing. To start off with, we give you the honesty and integrity of our exceedingly professional comportment. We feel it is our duty to prove our trustworthiness, and that is why we only recommend what your roofing system is in need of to maximize proficiency. In these challenging economic times, we understand what our friends and neighbors are enduring, so when we check things out on your rooftop it is strictly on a need-to-service understanding. Unfortunately, too many contractors out there are only in business to make a quick buck. We choose to keep our staff filled, however, with roofing experts whose quality of personal integrity matches the quality of their craftsmanship. Now that you have our pledge for supreme customer service, let’s discuss what we can do with your roof.

Our north Georgia roofing service:
  • Roofing inspections -
    As Haag Engineering-certified roof inspectors, the absolute top-level in roofing certification, we painstakingly examine every square inch of your roof to ensure maximized security. We check for things such as mechanical failure, failing ventilation, storm damage and aging in general. In many cases a home’s roof is functioning just fine, but in the unfortunate situation in which it is not, we’ll find the best and most economic way to secure stability.
  • Reroofing (tear off and recover) -
    When a roof structure is failing in just about all aspects, it’s time for a new roof. Many factors lead to failure in a roofing system: poor workmanship, improper specifications from previous contractors, shoddy materials and a lack of regular maintenance. Bad material and work end up costing you more money while jeopardizing your home’s curb appeal. Our roofing service provides you with the best workmanship and superior materials.
  • Roof repairs -
    Repairs are not a desirable outcome upon our inspection, but at least it means that, when recommended, your system is essentially functioning well, with a few exceptions. Our roofing service makes the necessary adjustments like caulking, shingle replacement, flash improvements, reseal plumbing boots, replace nail pops and we are happy to clean out your gutters, if needed.
  • Maintenance -
    This involves the thorough, annual or semiannual, inspection of your rooftop, reliably ensuring your roof’s security as well as catching any flaws from the start, which may save you thousands of dollars. Our technicians inspect and uncover any possible compromises in leak protection to continue the long lifespan of your roof while completely saving you the costly expenses of a complete reroofing project.
Lawrenceville roofer We are proud to offer only the absolute best possible in a roofing service. We maintain a copacetic approach with two primary concerns: the highest technical aptitude with clear and honest professionalism when dealing with our valued neighbors. We make our community rooftops better one roof at a time.

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