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Did you know that Roofers and Roofing Contractors in Georgia are not required to be licensed?

A little known but true fact. Deerfield Roofing, chooses to be licensed in the state of Georgia. We pride ourselves on being the best roofing contractor in the industry with over 20 years experience. The state of our economy demands that we look for the best price for any home improvement. The problem with this philosophy is that in the roofing industry the best price does not always mean the best job. You have heard that old saying:

Ask yourself what you want in a new roof. Is it a job done right, using leak barrier membranes, the correct underlayment, starter shingles, 6 nail installation and an installation crew who is trained in the latest product installation and offers you a 10- year workmanship warranty on top of the manufacturers warranty?


Do you just want a your roof done by the lowest price bidder, a handy man whose training consists of working with his buddies on a neighbors roof over the weekend. No insurance, you will never be able to reach him in the future to have your warranty's honored and in fact, he is not even a certified installer or Haag trained? Yesterday, he was a sheet rock guy, a deck builder or a brick mason, today, because you need a roof he is a roofer!
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Deerfield Roofing will do whatever we can to keep our prices competitive, but we will not sacrifice quality materials, workmanship or attention to detail to do so. We warranty our work and live in your neighborhood, our reputation depends on a job well done! Our office is located off of Interstate 20 in the Atlanta Metropolitan area and we serve all Metro Altanta cities such as:

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