Storm Damage

At Deerfield Roofing, we offer professional storm damage repair to quickly contain a leak and find a permanent solution. We understand that when a leak begins pouring into your home, the last thing you want to do is wait for help. Our team will be dispatched right away to put a temporary stop on all water damage while we thoroughly inspect the rooftop and determine the best course of action.


Storm Damage Repair

When we get a call for emergency roof repair, it is often as a result of storm damage. When severe weather tears through your neighborhood, you can experience loss of shingles, hail damage, and even punctures from wind-blow debris like tree branches. A roof leak can cause a great deal of damage in just a short time, so it is important to have it repaired quickly. As soon as a leak becomes evident, call us. We’ll even provide a free estimate for our services.

The Effects of the Weather
Depending on the type of weather that has passed through, you may experience different types of damages. In some cases, you may not even notice there is a problem until long after the damage was done. While some leaks are noticeable right away, others can take weeks or months before they break through into your main living areas. By that time, a roof leak could have caused serious damage to your surface, underlayment, wood decking and even your attic.

Strong Winds and Rain
Although an asphalt shingle roof is rather durable, the way it is installed makes it vulnerable to the effects of strong winds. Each row of shingles on your home is overlapped with the row below it. This creates a stair-step sort of pattern that encourages water to roll off of the surface. While this is great for ridding your rooftop of excess moisture, a powerful gust of wind at the right angle could tear up large sections of surface material.

This is called the peeling effect and is commonly seen with shingles. When the wind gets underneath the edge of the shingles, it can push up. The overlapped materials subsequently come up like a bandage being peeled away. Not only are you losing roofing coverage, but the nails that had tacked down the shingles may be torn out and leave holes behind.

Wind-blown debris can also cause significant damage. While a branch that is blown onto your home and causes a puncture is more obvious, the small piles of debris that are left behind can be equally as devastating. If you are unable to clear away piles of leaves and limbs, they will hold moisture against your shingles possibly causing rot, mold and insect infestations. All of these can lead to traumatic leaks that would require storm damage repair.

Hail damage is significantly more difficult to spot than other issues. One of the telltale signs is black minerals at the bottom of your downspouts. This indicates that your rooftop is experiencing degranulation. Asphalt shingles are coated in protective mineral granules that shield them from the sun. During a hail storm, the stones can beat away the granules and leave bald spots. Over time, the exposed areas will deteriorate under the sun’s UV rays and will be vulnerable to leaks. Since these spots can be just the size of a dime and still cause a great deal of damage, they are particularly serious and require immediate treatment.


Whether there are obvious damages or you simply suspect an issue, it is always wise to call for an inspection and storm damage repair after severe weather. The longer you wait to have the problem documented, the more difficult it will be to prove it was caused by the storm if you’re filing a claim with your insurance company.

When You Call
Our team will come to you quickly and protect your home from current leaks with temporary fixes. Once your home is secure, we will perform a thorough 20-point inspection. This will help us determine what type of storm damage repair is necessary. We will then provide you with a free estimate and allow you to make the final decision. We have built a reputation based on honesty and integrity. We only recommend what you need, and we charge affordable prices. With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, you know we’re a name you can trust. Contact us whenever you need storm damage repair.

We perform storm damage repair in Atlanta, Lawrenceville, Snellville, Buford, Conyers, Covington, Monroe, Loganville, Dacula, McDonough, Decatur and all of the surrounding communities.