Roof Leak

roof leak A roof leak ranks up there with one of the unhappiest of home discoveries. Immediately, a flood of questions will saturate the tranquility of your mind. How long has it been leaking? What kind of damage has my home suffered? How much will it cost to fix the leak? Are there any others?

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It can happen any time throughout the year, but most likely you will notice a roof leak during a summertime storm. It could be the odd tinkling noise, or you may spy dark spots along the ceiling or throughout a wall. However the unpleasant discovery happens, the last thing you want to do is think you can put off this emergency.

Just some of the consequences of an unchecked roof leak:
  • Watermarks
  • Wood rot
  • Peeling or cracked paint
  • Bugs
  • Hazardous mold!
All of the above affectations of your home from water damage made possible by a roof leak will likely cost you a large chunk of money, not to mention major headaches that need to be resolved. And, at least some of those consequences involve health hazards. Even for clean, well-sealed homes, bugs sometimes find a way inside. Of course, you want to limit the amount as much as possible. A moist environment or even puddles of water hidden from your attention will attract more pests, which can be more than just a nuisance. Cockroaches, for example, are known carriers of salmonella, which causes food poisoning that is often life-threatening. Roaches are found all over the world, and exist even at the north and south poles. They thrive in areas with high humidity, warmth, cracks and crevices and places with a food source. The last thing you want to do is foster that kind of environment for a bug that can survive in the arctic.

An even greater health risk in terms of a roof leak is dangerous black mold. Mold is linked to a myriad of illnesses, most of which are well-documented. The most common problem of home-based mold includes allergies, which include the following symptoms: runny nose, wheezing, itchy eyes and skin rashes. For those with serious preexisting conditions, mold in the home may lead to infections throughout one’s body. The bottom line: you don’t want to mess with mold, so call us, the trained technicians, to fix that roof leak as soon as possible!

roof leak repair When it comes to this level of a roofing problem, homeowners want a contractor they can trust. They want someone they can rely on to either fully diagnose the extent of the problem, and at the same time one that will not take advantage and imply that the problem is worse than their true findings merit. When we come to your home we give you our thorough 20-point inspection findings, and honestly report precisely what we have found. Hopefully, you have found the leakage immediately without suffering much if any water damage. That is often the situation when homeowners have not delayed one day longer upon finding the problem. But we also tell it to you straight if it’s worse than we had hoped for.

One thing is for sure, if there is a problem, we offer the best, most thorough and affordable solution to an unsealed roofing system. If you have a problem with unwanted moisture in your home as a result of a compromised roof, we are the professionals to relieve your headache.

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