Hail Damage

hail damage If your roof has sustained any type of storm damage, whether it is hail, wind or lightning you need a trained professional to asses your damage. This is not the time to go without representation, you need a trained expert to tell you what your options will be. When you sustain damage to your home it should be repaired correctly and fully in order to protect your home in the future.

Your roof is susceptible to hail damage just as your gutters and car would be. When hail damages your roof it creates bruising, pits and dents. The bruising may even crack the fiberglass membrane that serves as an ice and water shield, this can allow water to LEAK into your attic and home causing water damage of the worst kind. Your roof will not leak immediately, but over time the leak will become visible as brown stains on your ceiling and at the point the damage has already occurred.

Composition Shingles

 repair hail damage It can be difficult to determine just what type of damage your roof has sustained and what corrective action needs to be taken. That is why our certifications are so important and why our training often goes beyond that of most insurance adjusters. When your adjuster arrives they are often happy to see us there as we can provide them with ladders, ropes and safety harnesses during the inspection. We also have the equipment to perform such tests as wind and brittle tests to determine the extent of your damage. We will also then inspect gutters, siding and out lying buildings and structures ensuring that nothing gets missed by your adjuster.

This is an actual picture of hail that fell in the Atlanta, Georgia area. Notice our truck in the background.

As you can see, it takes a trained professional to uncover the source of the damage to ensure your homes structure is safe and free from LEAKS!

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