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Deerfield Roofing features the solutions to all of your north Georgia roofing concerns. From installation to repairs to maintenance to replacement, we have got what your home needs in roofing care.

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  • Roof estimate : From the very beginning we offer you the most professional services while valuing affordability, which is why we provide our customers with free estimates and consultation on rooftops in our communities. Have you got questions and concerns regarding your roof? As the most dependable contractors in the state, we are the technicians that can help you.
  • Roofing Installation : Whether you are building a new home or you suspect your property’s roof has suffered that much damage to merit an entirely new roof, we have the multiple certifications to properly diagnose which avenue that is both necessary and fitting to your budget. Rest assured, any work we do on your roof is crafted to last.
  • Roof Leak : It is one of the most disappointing discoveries you can find on your property. By the time you discover a leak on your roof, it means weatherproofing has failed on multiple levels. Our hope is that you have found that roof leak as soon as it has occurred, so that the likelihood of extensive damage is minimal.
  • Roof Repair : We understand the difficult economic times of today, and that is why we do our utmost to find ways to fix any rooftop fixes on your home while staying within your pricing restrictions. We will tell you precisely what your rooftop needs, nothing more and nothing less.
  • Roof Maintenance : The absolute best and permanent way to avoid costly repairs and inconveniences to your roof is to schedule with us regular maintenance. Our plans are thorough and extensive, and we find one that works for your needs. We offer a 20-point inspection process in which we make any needed minor repairs on an annual or semiannual basis, and we also offer tree trimming to stave off critter on your rooftop or heavy, damaging branches that pose risks, particularly during hurricane season.
  • Gutter Cleaning : This is part of our maintenance that is one of the obvious yet vital procedures keeping your roofing system functioning smoothly. Too many roof damages are incurred by clogged gutters, which attract mosquitoes and cockroaches while creating puddles in certain areas while eating away at materials. We are also leaders in installing and replacing gutter systems.
  • Asphalt Shingle Roofing : This is a wonderfully economic and efficient material fitting all manner of rooftops. They are easy to replace, and the shingles firmly insulate and weatherproof the primary structure sheltering your family from the elements.
  • Chimney Flashing Repair : This is a feature on your rooftop that deserves regular attention, yet many homeowners overlook this aspect. This secures sealing and functioning between two opposing structures and materials on your roof. Flashing is what allows for the reliable functioning of a weatherproofed roof while managing the otherwise unusual engineering of chimneys, skylights and vent boots. Because materials used for flashing for all roofs tend to be lighter than the rest of your roof’s materials, regular checkups on flashing is recommended.
  • Roofing Companies : The unfortunate truth is there are many, many contractors out there that do not put quality craftsmanship and customer service ahead of making a quick buck. We are a thoroughly reputable business and certified many times over. We are licensed, bonded and insured and feature plenty of trusted, word-of-mouth and repeat business. Our work speaks for itself, and you will enjoy our professional courtesy. The minute you call us with any roofing problems, we take over so you no longer have to worry.
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